Every Business Deserves Affordable HR Support.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to give every business owner easy access to affordable HR support so that they can protect and grow their business. By combining technology with tailored, one-on-one advice, we make sure that all businesses, not just big business, get the guidance they need.

We’re Committed to You and Your Business

At The HR Hotline®, we provide small business owners with TeleHR support by providing access to professional HR Advisors. HR Advisors who not only strive to understand your business, but who also grow and adapt with your needs.

Putting Your Interests First

Our HR Advisors get to know you and your business. They’re committed to responding to your needs and will always put your interests first.

Founder & CEO

The HR Hotline® was developed by our CEO Ivelices Linares Thomas, an experienced Labor & Employment Attorney and Human Resources Executive who oversees day to day operations of the hotline. Ivelices spent over 15 years supporting and advising multi-million dollar to billion dollar organizations and decided to break barriers to make HR support more affordable for ANY business by offering much needed TeleHR™ services. Now, we’re using that experience to help you protect what you’ve already built.